Family: People Who Nurture Us Deserve Our Gratitude.

In a capitalist world, there is always a cause and effect relationship between things you do and who you become. Hard work equals success. There is nothin wrong with capitalism and our obsession with this cause effect relationship. But in this obsession we often forget the importance of part played by people we are born to. Our family.

Family in a sunset.

People who nurtured us when we most needed nurturing.

Relationships You Win In An Ovarian Lottery.

As Warren Buffet says, he won the ovarian lottery:

We take a lot of things from granted from the people we are born to. I had my parents and one brother to nurture me when I was born. My initial immediate family. For most of us, this family leaves an imprint on our brains that lasts for life. Most of us, become mirror of individuals who nurture us at birth. When we grow up, whether we like it or not, We are them. Both, genetically and in principals and values. And yet, these are the people we most take for granted.

As we grow, both our social circle, and even our family grows. We literally earn every single relationship we make as we grow in life. And yet, when we find ourselves in deep trouble, we often, look to people who nurtured us early on in life, for both help and advice. The relationships we won in what Warren calls, the ovarian lottery.

Gratitude For Folks Who Kept Us Safe.

In today’s world we take basic safety for granted. When I was around five, during a vacation, I wandered off alone in the roads of a hill station in India. Within minutes I lost my way. In a fit of panic, I asked a local guy for help me who asked me to get into a hand pulled cart. He promised he would drop me at my hotel. Some god’s grace and some basic upbringing based wisdom prevailed and I declined.

I turned around and walked away when I saw my brother running frantically looking for me. He had the same look of panic that I had and so did my parents. It was less than a couple of minutes and they had I had walked off, and found me. To this date, I wonder what would have happened if I would have got into that cart?

Maybe I would be begging on the streets on India with my arms and limbs chopped off? Or maybe the guy would have dropped me at my hotel? Who knows. But in that single incident I learned the value of the people who nurture us and keep us safe when we are young and vulnerable. Basic safety and survival in today’s world is not as simple and straight forward as we think it is. If you are alive it’s about time you call your parents and thank them for that.

Family Is People You Can Keep Going Back To For Help.

The same family that keep us safe when we are little and helpless are the ones who also keep us emotionally sane and grounded when we are older and capable. I live hundreds of miles away from my parents and brother but I know they’re just a call away and when I call them, they’ll listen. Really listen. Really care. Give me honest and genuine advice and comfort. And that, in a world where everyone is busy, that is worthy of some serious gratitude.

Having people who nurture you with care and are always there to help you is nothing less of god’s grace and luck and I am both, blessed and lucky. Today’s gratitude journal is for the people who were there for me when I was born, when I was the most vulnerable and still are. The relationships that I won, in my ovarian lottery.

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