Who Is Rajiv Popat?

I started my blog 14 years ago. 5070 days as of this writing, to be really precise. The idea was to have a place where I can talk about professional aspects of my life. I even wrote a cheesy introduction about myself in the third person and listed what I thought were my accomplishments on that website.

Back then I was an optimistic kid who was going to change the world. Fourteen years later the only thing that has changed is me. That and I’ve developed the maturity to understand that in the larger scheme of things, anything I do or become will be insignificant and will have no net effect in the way the universe or the world operates at large.

I look at some of the highly opinionated, loud, cheesy and obnoxious posts I wrote back then and often get the urge to delete them all with one click. I sometimes laugh at how naive I was back then. How my world view was painted in clear shades of black and white.

But the beauty of an having an online trail of your own professional self is that you can go back and see how much you have evolved. I love having the ability to do that. Every single article, every single post on that blog tells me how I have changed and even now I read them once in a while to see how I’ve evolved professionally.

Most of that blog is about my professional life and even though I blog about personal topics once in a while, I am always scared to write about my personal life.

Writing is an act of courage and any writing you do about yourself is a confession.

Every sentence you write and publish opens doors and while these doors let you see new worlds, they also allow strangers to walk into your life. Every article opens the windows of your brain and while these windows show you new horizons, they also let people on the outside peek inside. Every honest story you write, takes weight off your chest but it also challenges the picture perfect world of lies you’ve created to place in front of the world and exposes a bit of your scars and ugliness. And every honest opinion you publish can bring like minded people into your life but is also an open invitation for anonymous trolls lurching on the darkness of the internet to pass judgments on you.

After fourteen years of writing professionally and with god’s grace, I think I finally may have developed the courage to write about my personal life. To make a living breathing website that is not just a reflection of my professional life but a reflection of who I am.

Who Is Rajiv Popat?

What do you love doing? I mean really love doing? What are you thinking about? What are you not happy about? What are the little experiments are you trying out to change what you are not happy about? How are you evolving, not just as a professional but as a real human being?

What are you most scared of? What are you doing to overcome your fears? What are you dreams? What are you doing to turn them into reality? Who are the people you love? Do you have the courage to thank them for their love? Who are the people who annoy you and make your stomach churn? Do you have the courage to confront them, make peace with them or move away from them? Forget everything else, do you even have the courage to have gratitude for everything you have or would you rather bury your head in the sand of discontented cribbing and self pity?

Answers to these questions and more importantly, how the questions you ask and the answers you give yourself change over time, defines who you are and who you will become. This site is an attempt to ask some of these difficult questions and answer them, not to an audience, but to myself.

Who is Rajiv Popat? I hope the pages of this site try to answer that question, honestly and a little more transparently than my blog has done in the last fourteen years. My Blog will continue to be a reflection of my professional life while this site, will be a reflection of my personal life. And in the next fourteen years, I hope I can look at both of them, cringe a little and laugh a lot.

And in the process if my technical and personal lessons touch you in any way shape or form and you enjoy reading or learning from any of these articles, it would be really nice if you can drop me line or a comment. This site is opinion driven and if you disagree with my opinions please feel free to comment as well. I am opinionated but I also love Socratic method of dissecting and inspecting both sides of an argument and even changing myself if there is logic and merit in the arguments presented.

I hope in the years to come, I can indulge in the act of writing with courage and with every passing day, week, month and year, I hope I continue to evolve and this site continues to morph into a slightly more honest and transparent reflection of who I am as a person.

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